A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Supports gamepad!


This roller-skating minotaur's found his way into someone else's labyrinth! Tilt the labyrinth to roll him around, collecting loot. Don't go near other monsters, though! They all have bad attitudes, and attack the minotaur when they get close.

How to Play

Tilt labyrinth:

  • W/A/S/D keys
  • Arrow keys
  • Gamepad left stick

Pause toggle: Esc key or gamepad B (xbox) or circle (ps4)

Tilt the labyrinth to roll the minotaur through the maze, collecting treasure. Try to avoid the monsters; you can't outrun them, but you can outwit them. When you've collected all the treasures, a stairway will rise somewhere in the labyrinth. Reach the stairs to escape!


Design, Code, Minotaur Vox: @mildmojo
Sound Effects: Maize Wallin (@maizewallin)
Voice Recording: Gwen Guo (@gy_gwen)

Made for Train Jam 2019 (website), a three-day jam which turned into a four-day odyssey.


minotaur-labyrinth-roller-rink-linux-universal.zip 41 MB
Version 18 Mar 31, 2019
minotaur-labyrinth-roller-rink-osx-universal.zip 25 MB
Version 18 Mar 31, 2019
minotaur-labyrinth-roller-rink-win32.zip 21 MB
Version 18 Mar 31, 2019
minotaur-labyrinth-roller-rink-win64.zip 23 MB
Version 17 Mar 31, 2019

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