A downloadable game for Windows

You've lost your friend at the other side of the stage! You need to find them and bring them back, but there's a play going on, and if you get caught in the stage lights, you'll dissipate. So how do you get across? By possessing people, of course!  

However, while you're possessing an actor, you need to replicate their movements as well as you can. If you mess up the play too much, the audience will be upset, the show will end early, and you won' be able to reach your friend.  
You can only move and possess people in darkness. Your friend will flicker the lights; the rest is up to you!

Note: This game is a little rough; we didn't get to build everything we planned, and the rhythm element is unclear and doesn't quite work properly.


A or Q - Long syllable

S - Short syllable

Arrows - Move and emote


Em - Design, writing

Emmett: Art

Chris M: Art, code

mildmojo: code, git-wrangling

Emily M: Music

Made withUnity


ghost-light-win32.zip 16 MB